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LIVE RESULTS: Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries

Townhall Media

With less than six months to go until November's midterm elections, it's another primary night for residents of Nebraska and West Virginia where contested races have pitted Republicans against each other and seen GOP power players endorse to try and swing the results one way or another. 


In Nebraska, a 9-way GOP primary will play out Tuesday night to determine the party's candidate for governor to replace termed-out incumbent Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts.

And in West Virginia, two incumbent Republicans — Rep. Alex Mooney over Rep. David McKinley — will face off in the primary for the state's 2nd Congressional District after reapportionment cost WV a seat in Congress. 

Pop the popcorn, sit back, and watch the results roll in with Townhall — West Virginia's polls close at 7:30 pm ET and Nebraska's polls close at 8:00 pm CT and 7:00 pm MT.

West Virginia


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