Triggered: Episode Two (We're Back!)

Posted: Aug 07, 2018 4:25 PM

We didn’t get fired, so we’re back. Another politically incorrect episode on the hottest takes on current events, weird news, and other useless s**t. Alex Jones and his Info Wars empire is vanishing, as most major social media platforms remove his content due to his pervasive conspiracy theory peddling. Is this an infringement of freedom of speech, or is this not the hill to die on? 

The tree-hugging, soft, total loser brigade that is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lost their marbles over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson visiting the aquarium and taking pictures with a seal, beluga whale, and some other sea animal that we don’t give a s**t about; what we do care about is that people need to leave people the hell alone. He went to an aquarium, oh the humanity!

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) didn’t know that entering the country illegally was, in fact, a crime, getting schooled in basic Illegal immigration 101 by a top Immigration and Customs Enforcement official last week.

The Democratic National Committee decided to not play the Republican National Committee, nixing their annual softball game plans because too many of their staff are in the field. Everyone was calling “BS.” Let’s chalk this up to Democrats having sour grapes over their 2016 loss, or maybe it was due to the overbearing shame that their loser committee is in debt, while the RNC is swimming in cash. 

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Believe it or not, this has become a heated subject, which cannot be discussed in West Valley City, Utah because some facility, or something, is making the town smell like s**t.

Also, with the NFL getting trounced in the ratings, bashed for political correctness, and bloodied beyond all recognition for trying to take on President Trump over the national anthem protests, they decided that male NFL cheerleaders would be the ticket to success this season. Are these people on crack? I don’t know, you’ll just have to listen:

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