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TOWNHALL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan on his 2012 Budget, President Obama's "Plan," and the Debt Fight

Watch as Townhall's Political Editor, Guy Benson, sits down with House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan for a wide-ranging discussion of his Path to Prosperity budget, deficits, debt, federal spending, entitlement reform, and conservatives' fundamental ideological differences with President Obama:



00:30 - Rep. Ryan discusses the risk of a US credit downgrade, and how to avert the "most predictable financial crisis" in US history.

02:38 - Rep. Ryan summarizes the economics and demographic math behind his plan.

05:30 - Guy asks Rep. Ryan about specific criticisms of his budget plan; the Congressman responds.

10:12 - Asked about President Obama's rhetoric about, and alternatives proposals to, the Path to Prosperity, Rep. Ryan says the president has utterly failed to lead.  He also warns about the IPAB -- the president's rationing board, comprised of unelected bureaucrats.

14:00 - Rep. Ryan compares and contrasts the Path to Prosperity with Senate Democrats' rumored budget outline.

15:45 - Having seen his budget defeated in the Democratic Senate, Rep. Ryan answers the crucial question, "where do we go from here?"

18:15 - Rep. Ryan weighs in on the Balanced Budget Amendment -- offering his support for the measure, and explaining why the Path to Prosperity wouldn't be incompatible with a potential BBA.

20:00 - With talks still underway, Rep. Ryan throws cold water on prospects for a "grand deal" emerging from the debt limit debate.

21:30 - Rep. Ryan says he's "not a fan" of the McConnell compromise, but won't rule it out.

23:30 - "We [Republicans] are not interested in playing with default."  Why not?  Rep. Ryan explains, followed by a denunciation of President Obama's class warfare tactics.


Editors' Note: We apologize for the darkness of the footage.  It was shot in a Budget Committee meeting room without very much natural (or artificial, for that matter) light.  We're confident that Rep. Ryan's ideas are sufficiently enlightened to compensate for this minor technical shortcoming.

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