NEW Townhall Presidential Straw Poll Results

Posted: Jun 01, 2011 1:50 PM

Herman Cain rockets from 6th in April to 1st in May.

Congratulations to Herman Cain for winning the May Townhall/HotAir GOP Presidential Straw Poll! Mr. Cain has seen an incredible surge in support after a commanding performance in the first GOP presidential debate. That surge propelled him from sixth place in April to first place in May. In fact, he received almost one quarter of all the votes cast, easily the best performance by any past winner of the Townhall/HotAir GOP Presidential Straw Poll. Last month Ron Paul won with 18.6% of the vote, in March Sarah Palin won with 16.9%; she won again in February with 18.2% and in January with 22.2%. The full results are on the left with the gain/loss of each candidate from the previous month. As you can see Herman Cain gained 17.6 points to easily jump over Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who lost support this month.

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