What's Hot Monday

Posted: Sep 22, 2008 11:20 AM

What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

CNN: McCain, Obama Botching Response to Crisis

Philadelphia Inquirer: The Point: Disturbing Line Palin Tossed Off in Address

New York Times:  Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet

Los Angeles Times:  Europeans on Left and Right Ridicule U.S. Money Meltdown

New York Post:  Almost Armageddon

Boston Globe:  The Short - But Eventful - Life of Ike

Time Magazine:  How We Became the United States of France

Chicago Tribune: 2 Killed When Helicopter Crashes into Kenosha Home

FOX News:  Giant Diamond Unearthed in Africa May Set Record

US News & World Report: Ron Paul: This Bailout Won't Be the Last

Politico:  Franken helps craft McCain 'SNL' skit

Wall Street Journal:  Goldman, Morgan Scrap Wall Street Model

Slate: "Autumn Is a Second Spring"

ABC News:  In Politicized Emmys, Reality & Cable Rule

Newsweek:  When Atheists Attack

Houston Chronicle:  Ike Could Increase Power Bills for Years to Come

And on Townhall.com this morning:
         Dinesh D'Souza: George Obama, Start Packing                
         Mike S. Adams: Put Lipstick on a Feminist and She’s Still a Prig
         Neal Boortz: The Rest of the Meltdown Society
         Armstrong Williams: The Phantom Menace: Obama and Co.
         Kevin McCullough: Obama's Dishonesty on 'The Least of These!'