Name That Lawyer

Posted: Jul 23, 2008 12:05 PM
A Harvard Law School degree is impressive, but holds little weight if a lawyer only makes ten court appearances in his entire career. Perhaps this lawyer landed his law firm position because he was once editor of the Harvard Law Review. Though in charge, he never wrote an article himself--a rare move amongst other Ivy League all-stars past and present.

Said lawyer is Sen. Barack Obama. The forthcoming August issue of Townhall Magazine reveals how little Obama actually accomplished during his time as a "do-nothing lawyer" and how he surreptitiously hides behind his credentials. The article's focus is Obama’s shady history in Chicago politics, connections to several criminals and hypocritical financial behavior. In this four-page feature, Townhall investigates Obama’s overlooked mistakes and dirty political scandals. Readers will learn more about Obama’s undocumented past in this article than they will in most publications.

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