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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Owners

Today, the Supreme Court overturned the D.C. gun ban in an unprecedented case.  In the May issue of Townhall Magazine, David Kopel, research director at the Independence Institute, discussed the possible repercussions of the Supreme Court's landmark decision.  In support of the Second Amendment, Kopel talked about several benefits of overturning of the gun ban.

A Second Amendment victory in District of Columbia v. Heller would have two important effects: First, it would save the lives of D.C. residents.  Second, it would promote gun-rights consciousness in the U.S. - school textbook publishers will no longer be able to pretend the Second Amendment pertains only to the National Guard and students will learn about the Second Amendment as an ordinary right, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Conservatives should be hopeful that Kopel's predictions will ring true in light of this constitutional decision.  D.C. residents can now enjoy their full set of rights thanks to the 5-4 ruling upholding the Second Amendment.

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