Illegal Alien Returns Stateside 10 Days After Deportation, Assaults Ex-Girlfriend at Knife Point, and Steals Car

Posted: Nov 04, 2019 11:15 AM

How long does it take for a deported illegal alien to return back into the United States? Well, if you are 28-year-old Gaspar Reyes-Dorantes, it takes fewer than two weeks to sneak back into the country. Showing the inanity of America's immigration system and the growing complications from a lack of a physical barrier at the county's porous southern border, the previously deported Mexican national was arrested Friday for attacking his ex-girlfriend at knife point, breaking into her home, and stealing her car. 

The Independent Tribune reports that Reyes-Dorantes was arrested Friday, November 1 in North Carolina on charges of "assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, communicating threats, larceny after breaking and entering, first-degree burglary, larceny of motor vehicle and injury to personal property." 

Reyes-Dorantes was deported to Mexico on October 21. Ten days later on October 31, Reyes-Dorantes broke into his ex-girlfriend's house in Concord, North Carolina. He reportedly threatened her at knife point, assaulted the woman and another male in the house, and then stole her car. According to the paper Reyes-Dorantes had previously assaulted the same woman, and had an outstanding warrant for that crime as well. 

Reyes-Dorantes is currently being held in the Caburrus County Jail. ICE has placed an immigration detainer order on him.

Nearly three years into Donald J. Trump's presidency, construction on new border wall finally began in late October. The White House has completed 75 miles of border wall, but that new structure simply replaced old areas of fencing where a wall had already existed. Fox News reported last week that the administration has officially begun its first new section of wall.

via Fox News:

Construction on a new border wall in Texas where none previously existed has begun along the Rio Grande river, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed to Fox News on Friday.

While 75 miles of wall has already been built under the Trump administration, until now all of those structures replaced existing ones such as vehicle barriers or dilapidated fences, which were ineffective before being replaced, according to the agency.

Border Patrol told the network it hopes to have 141 miles of new border wall put up by the end of 2020.