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Rand Paul Slams Letting Kids 'Choose' Gender: 'This Is Child Abuse'

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The James Younger case in Texas features two divorced parents battling over what "gender"  their biological son  actually is. The seven-year-old  boy has a fondness for traditionally female items. Due to this, the mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has long wanted her son to become a daughter, and has even advocated chemically castrating the boy via puberty blockers and other means. But the father, Jefferey Younger, has insisted that his son does not think he is a girl, and regardless if he did should not be given life altering procedures. A judge ruled on Thursday that both parents would have conservatorship for medical decisions, including how to "treat" their son as he goes through puberty into adulthood. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky weighed in on the case on Thursday, saying that allowing a child to choose gender transition medication is "child abuse."


A video surfaced of Jeffrey Younger asking his son who told him he was a girl. James says his mother told him he was a girl, which is why he believes that he is a girl. This was when he was just three years old. 

“You’re a boy, right?” asks Younger.

“No, I’m a girl,” replies James.

“Who told you you’re a girl?” asks  Younger.

“Mommy,” said James.

Sen. Paul weighed in after seeing this video, saying, "We don’t let kids drink alcohol til 21. People want to move smoking age to 21. But we will allow a 7 year old to have his life and body altered like this? This is child abuse and the state should side with the father who is trying to protect the child.”

After Thursday's ruling, which overturned a jury's ruling that Dr. Georgulas would have sole conservatorship and therefor permission to chemically castrate the child, it is now up to the father, Mr. Younger, to work with his ex-wife to ensure that James is not given any more misguided advice or treatment.



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