Mark Levin Lays the Hammer Down on This Piece of Schiff Hearing

Posted: Sep 26, 2019 10:20 AM

You are not missing much if you are not watching the House hearing led by Rep. Adam Schiff regarding the bogus Ukrainian whistleblower complaint with Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. The whole point of this is supposedly to determine the veracity and truthfulness of the unnamed "whistleblower's" complaint. So far, we know the "whistleblower" overheard that President Donald J. Trump had a conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky in which the leader of the U.S. pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate Joseph Biden for the purposes of effecting the 2020 election. Or so he claims. What the transcript from the call shows is that all Trump was trying to do was get the Ukrainian government to investigate how Biden's son, Hunter, was able to earn at least $50,000 per month while sitting on a Ukrainian energy board despite not having experience in energy whatsoever. It looks like it is very obvious that Hunter was only given that position to gain influence in the Obama White House. But the Democrats are beating this impeachment drum, and will be doing so for quite some. "The Great One" Mark Levin broke down on Twitter what Thursday's government hearings are actually about. 

"Today's hearing, we have the spectacle of Schiff trying to pressure the acting DNI, trying to put words in his mouth that were written by a so-called whistleblower, the latter of whom was not a direct witness to virtually anything," Levin remarked, "...and who is represented by counsel who once worked for Clinton and Schumer."

"We will learn nothing. This is just another spectacle, another drama for the media, another sham...a hearing on hearsay -- shouldn't the so-called whistleblower be the 1st witness, his identity known, his complaint question & scrutinized, etc., before questioning the acting DNI about the complaint? Of course, but that wouldn't serve the purposes of the Dems and the media," he observed. 

Levin is, of course, correct. As Townhall's Political Cartoon today shows, this is nothing but a circus led by Pelosi, Schiff, and the cabal of Democrats who want to destroy the president however they can.