Bizarro World: Somebody Painted A Two-Story Mural Of RBG In DC

Posted: Sep 18, 2019 12:35 PM

Washington, D.C. is full of certified freaks who view their entire existence through the lens of politics. On both the left and the right, there are thousands of Republicans and Democrats in this town each conspiring to grow the government in order to give their party more power. With this comes some pretty weird idealization and worship of certain political figures. For the left, it seems Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has now attained "Goddess" status. The latest evidence of is this a two-story mural painted on the side of classic brick townhouse. 

"RBG is iconic. She inspires all of us to follow our dreams," Lisa Wise, the CEO of Flock DC, told CNN. Wise commissioned local artist Rose Jaffe to paint the picture. 

CNN reports that "Wise said the mural represents 'our passion as a woman owned company' and is a way to 'inspire good citizenship.' The mural was officially unveiled Monday at the company's soft launch." 

Inspire "good citizenship" -- that is down right creepy

Something tells me that Flock DC will not be putting up a mural of Phyllis Schlafly anytime soon, despite her being one of the most important Americans during the last half century. We also probably will not see any conservative judges, like Sandra Day O'Connor, adorn Flock DC's building. Why? Well, for the left being a "good citizen" simply means believing in progressive causes. 

Flock DC, by the way, really has nothing to do with politics. It is the umbrella company of three condo and real estate firms.

"Flock ties together Nest, Roost, and Starling via shared values and vision, a unified commitment to growth, and a hyper focus on community. From fundraising to franchising, this lifestyle company manages philanthropy, culture, partnerships, and business development across all current and future Flock brands," its website says. 

What being pro-abortion and anti-life has to do with property management, I have no idea. But, in Washington, D.C. we are living in bizarro world where nothing seems to make sense.