Awkward: CNN Skips Over Andrew McCabe's Lies While Introducing Him On The Network

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 11:20 AM
Awkward: CNN Skips Over Andrew McCabe's Lies While Introducing Him On The Network

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File

Katie covered Friday that the hacks over at CNN decided to hire the lying Andrew McCabe who was fired by the FBI. What exactly did McCabe do to get fired? Well, in short, he's "the former official who lied multiple times under oath and to FBI agents, prompting the Department of Justice Inspector General to refer him for a criminal prosecution," as Katie reported. But, keep in mind, his hiring by CNN was announced less than 24 hours after the network's Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy fretted that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was hired by Fox News and Sean Spicer landed a gig on Dancing With The Stars, worrying what it meant that people who "mislead" the American people were now given coveted slots on national TV.

So, how was the network going to gloss over the fact they just hired somebody firing for being dishonest to the American people? Apparently, they're choosing to ignore it completely. 

McCabe made his first appearance with anchor Alisyn Camerota. Here's how she gleefully introduced him:

"So, we welcome him. He is joining us for his first appearance as a CNN contributor. Uhm, also, uhh, as our viewers know, I should get this in Andrew, that you were fired by the FBI 48-hours before your pension vested. You're now suing the FBI and DOJ to get your pension back. However, today, right now, we want to start with what you spent your career doing and that's counterterrorism."

Not a mention of why he was fired, and not a mention of anything of substance. CNN simply trots him out as a martyr taken down by mean, man Donald J. Trump and a beacon of truth. What a bunch of BS. 

Congressman Mark Meadows was correct when he described this entire thing as "comical."

Donald J. Trump Jr hit the nail on the head. CNN has "ceased being a 'news organization'" and are a blatantly "integrated anti-Trump propaganda network."

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