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80-Year-Old Seattle Man Stabbed, Car Stolen In Church Parking Lot

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Seattle police are searching for a suspect who stabbed an 80-year-old man and then stole his car in a Catholic Church parking lot this past Sunday. 

The attack happened in the parking lot of Holy Family Catholic Church in the White Center area of Seattle. The shocking scene was caught on security footage and "shows two men fighting; one makes several thrusting motions, then that person runs off screen. A few moments later a car goes speeding out of the parking lot, as a man goes to help the victim." 


An eyewitness named "Matt" told local media that he "had never seen anything like that in [his] life except for on TV" and it was "a little unnerving." 

"I don’t feel safe here right now," he added. "It’s out of control. Something has to change."

Tensions surrounding the crime problem are high in the Seattle area after incidents like earlier this month when three individuals were stabbed in a random unprovoked attack. According to, "the overall Seattle, WA crime rate is 69% higher than the Washington average and is 115% higher than the national average. Looking at violent crime specifically, Seattle, WA has a violent crime rate that is 108% higher than the Washington average and 65% higher than the national average. For property crime, Seattle, WA is 66% higher than the Washington average and 123% higher than the national average."


Despite Seattle's high crime rates, statistics to show that the city is actually safer than what it used to be during the 1990s, according to

The suspect escaped after a short police chase and is still on the loose. The victim is expected to survive the stabbing.

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