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Boom, Baby: Trump's Economy Just Keeps Getting Better And Better As Stock Market Sets New Record (Again)

AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

God, it must stink to be a leftist. Many sold all of his stocks in case of an impending Donald Trump presidency. They feared that they would lose all of their money if a billionaire with experience creating thousands of jobs were put in charge of the economy. Why they felt this way exactly remains unclear aside from their stupidity. If they had kept his money in the stock market, they would all probably be a lot, lot wealthier. Instead, they are getting run over by the MAGA train and it just keeps going and going.  As reported by Bloomberg reports that the markets set a new record high today again. 

The S&P 500 gained for a straight third day after drifting much of the session. The benchmark briefly crossed above 3,000, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 27,000. A mid-morning tweet from President Donald Trump, complaining about China trade policy, sent equities into a fleeting swoon and showed how sensitive the market remains to trade-related developments. Financial and technology shares led gainers in the the S&P, while real estate and communications lagged.

An oil rally stalled out as investors weighed the threat of a tropical storm off the U.S. Gulf Coast against the prospects of more trade conflict. Yields on 10-year Treasuries hit a one-month high.

A big reason why the market just keeps going higher and higher is because of confidence that the Federal Reserve is going to cut rates sometime soon. 

This year’s rallies across stocks, bonds and credit got a fresh jolt on Wednesday thanks to comments from Powell that persuaded investors rates are headed lower by at least a quarter-point in July. Minutes from the central bank’s last meeting further cemented expectations for a cut in borrowing costs.

As noted by President Trump, the DOW Jones "hit 27,000 for first time EVER!" 

Let's keep the rally going and keep America great. 

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