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Poll: Trump Turns Liberals into Fat Drunks as Democrats Are More Likely to Eat Their Feelings, Drink

A recently released YouGov poll has found that due to political anxieties, Democrats are more likely to "eat their feelings" and drink more than their Republican counterparts. However, these same people were also more likely to exercise to reduce stress associated with politics as well. 


According to a poll commissioned by the Daily Burn and conducted by YouGov, "Democrats are 50% more likely than Republicans to say they’re eating their feelings as a result of the current political climate." But they were also 40% more likely to exercise.  

Likewise, the report shows that "political pain points have been driving Dems to drink more, at a 2-to-1 ratio over their counterparts in the GOP." 

The same poll also found that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike have admitted that events in the news have caused them to use more social media and binge-watch TV on platforms such as Netflix since 2016. However, even here Democrats were more likely to use social media at 59% Democrats and 52% Republicans admitting to increased usage. The numbers were similar for binge-watching TV at 57% and 50%. 

Of those who have increased their exercise due to political pressures, many "have incorporated cardio, such as running, spinning/cycling, rowing, or ellipticals into their exercise regime."


“Exercise is critical in helping people deal with outside stress, whether it’s from work, personal life, or politics,” Tricia Han, CEO of Daily Burn released in a statement. “We wanted to get a sense for how these stressors are affecting exercise and other behavioral habits across party lines. While it’s surprising to see that across both aisles lower intensity exercises were more likely, no matter what the exercise is – HIIT, yoga, biking, etc. – pumping those endorphins is always a good idea.”

This survey was conducted online from Oct. 18-22 among 2,485 respondents age 18 and up, according to the Daily Burn's press release.

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