Feel Good Friday: 'Miracle Babies' Reunited With Police Officers Who Rescued Them

Posted: Jun 15, 2018 8:00 PM

From potential tragedy to miraculous recovery: Two babies and their public servant heroes are delighting the hearts and minds of Florida.

On April 24th, a pair of Quincy, FL police officers responded to a gruesome emergency call after a city worker notified authorities that a mother had just confessed to supposedly killing her two children. When deputies Samuel McCray and Joseph Barnes arrived at the Gadsden County house, they found two infant boys still alive but bleeding on the ground of a bedroom floor and sprang into action. 

According to police, Juan Pedro and Guillermo Timoteo were clinging to life after their mother allegedly stabbed them with a pair of scissors and a knife. 

"One was face down, the other one was looking at me trying to come to me and we started our medical phase by securing them," Deputy Barnes said when describing the scene to local media.

The wounds were so bad, the babies were not expected to survive. If they did somehow sustain the attack, life changing injuries were predicted. But, today, the boys are alive, well, and playing like normal happy children. 

"They told us he might lose his eyesight, or he probably will be disabled...and to see that they're running, talking, laughing, smiling, it's really a blessing," said Danna Lasso, a cousin of the two infants according to WCTV. 

 On Thursday June 14th, the officers were able to visit the boys for the first time since the emergency phone call. It was a joyous occasion for all involved.

“Almost seems like they remember us. They were giving us high fives and everything," said Deputy McCray of Juran Pedro and Guillermo Timoteo. 

Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young had high praise for the officers, saying that the rescue mission was a miracle. "I'm so pleased and blessed to see this today in my office," he said.

Barnes echoed that statement saying, "When you see that, it was a gruesome scene, and then the outcome...it was a blessing.” 

The boys are living with their cousins as their mother awaits trial for attempted murder. 

The video of Deputy McCray and Deputy Barnes can be seen in the following tweet. 

Happy Friday.