Illegal Alien Kills Husband and Two Youngest Kids, Widow Speaks Out

Posted: Oct 08, 2017 9:55 AM

A father of six children and his two youngest kids were killed by an illegal alien in a head on collision last year. But after a Texas court only gave the man who committed the crime a two year jail sentence, his wife is now speaking out.

Courtney Hacking sat down with Fox & Friends on Saturday to speak about her ordeal. Hacking’s deceased husband was a legal immigrant from England himself, but argues that illegal immigrants receive unjust  sentencing for crimes they commit under current U.S. law.

in 2016, illegal alien Margarito Quintero fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle and swerved into the next lane, hitting Peter Hacking and his four year old daughter Ellie and his 22 month old son Grayson. The three subsequently died.

Peter Hacking was a volunteer firefighter, a friend to many, and a hero to more, said Hacking. The widow continued, saying she finds her strength in her children and in the memory of her husband. She said her other four children remind her daily she needs to be strong and that she need to make a difference for them. 

As for current law, Hacking now wants change in the judicial process for illegal aliens. 

“People think his crime and his punishment seem to fit because he was an illegal immigrant. But to me being illegal in the country was a crime on its own so I don’t understand how he did get only two years," she added, “To me I take it offensively. I take it personally.

She continued,

“I want our laws enforced. The message needs to be put across to them that when you come to this country you need to do it legally because when they come here all they’re getting is…they’re committing crimes, they’re getting a slap on the wrist and they’re going back to Mexico or they’re going back to whatever country they came from.”

Hacking is now left to raise her remaining four sons with out her husband and her two youngest children. 

Watch the segment below.