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AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

The superintendent of a public school district outside of Boston has some explaining to do after sending an email to the district's educators in the wake of Hamas terrorists' barbaric attack against Israel that included a link to "teaching resources" that claim "Israeli terrorism" — which is not a thing — "has been significantly worse than that of Palestinians" — an outright lie.


Dianne Kelly, who has worked in Revere Public Schools since 1995 and has been superintendent since 2015 according to her LinkedIn, sent the email to district staff on October 9 amid an "investigation currently underway regarding racist and anti-Semitic graffiti found at Revere High School on Friday."

The email was subsequently forwarded by a concerned recipient to the watchdog group Parents Defending Education (PDE) headed up by Nicole Neily.

Kelly's email to staff included a link to "Learning for Justice" materials from the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. Among the items on that page under "Teaching Resources" is a link to TeachMideast's content on "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." There, lies a resource from the Middle East Policy Council on "Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" attributed to SUNY Buffalo professor emeritus Jerome Slater. 

"My central argument is that, contrary to the standard mythology, especially in Israel, Israeli terrorism has been significantly worse than that of the Palestinians," Slater claimed in the resource.. "A refutation of this mythology is important for a number of reasons," he instructed.  


Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily said "it should come as no surprise to anyone that Learning for Justice - the Southern Poverty Law Center's curriculum project - is promoting a one-sided progressive narrative about Israel. SPLC jumped the shark long ago, and it is lamentable that any school district in America still chooses to use their materials in the face of the group's flagrant ideological bias and obvious contempt for parents," Neily added. 

That narrative — one in which Hamas terrorism is being championed — Neily mentioned continues to be spread by supposedly "progressive" "antifasists" in higher education, the mainstream media, and even K-12 schools. But don't be deceived: Hamas terrorists are a vile and barbaric evil who deserve zero sympathy or defense for their atrocities. 

They massacred men, women, and children seeking safety from the terrorists' rockets in shelters. They paraded dead and raped Jews through the streets of Gaza. They butchered 40 babies, beheading some of them while shooting others in their cribs in just one kibbutz. They took elderly Holocaust survivors hostage and dragged them back to Gaza. 

Nothing Israel has done or will do in response to Hamas barbarians' latest assault will come even remotely close to being as bad as that. Still, Revere Public Schools Superintendent believed it was appropriate to send SPLC resources linking to a claim that Israeli terrorism is worse than Hamas' — in the wake of anti-Semitic graffiti at a high school in the district. 


The SPLC's resources encouraging others to turn a blind eye toward the actions of Hamas terrorists and instead condemn Israel for the attacks against its own people comes as it fails to label its fellow leftist organizations as hate groups for their inexplicable support for terrorists and their vile actions — another piece of proof showing the SPLC is nothing more than a partisan weapon used to advance a leftist agenda. 

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