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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Senator Bernie Sanders, the "independent" from Vermont who's made a name for himself as an outspoken and hypocritical opponent of capitalism, is once again hitting the road to hawk his latest book — which is not free — at a series of in-person events — which are also not free. 


That is, Bernie Sanders is again relying on the systems he claims to oppose as he pushes his views. Perhaps he's looking to get some capital to buy another vacation home because his existing private properties aren't cutting it anymore?

Sanders was pressed on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday about the dissonance between his stated opposition to supposedly evil capitalism and his book tour's use of Ticketmaster to sell tickets at his events — for as much as $95 per ticket according to host Margaret Brennan — publicizing his newest book titled "It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism."

Sanders claims that such business relationship decisions are made "totally" by his publisher — but isn't that just another capitalist success story that he's supposedly "angry" about? Watch:

Sure enough. A cursory review of Sanders' upcoming events shows tickets from Ticketmaster ranging between $45 and $95 a pop and going closer to $115 with fees levied by Ticketmaster. 


Clearly, he's not actually that angry about capitalism — otherwise he'd probably not be enriching Ticketmaster by forcing his supporters to pay exorbitant fees to the company that has what sure seems to be a monopoly on ticket sales in America. 

While Sanders said he's not particularly happy about doing business with Ticketmaster, he wasn't forced to sell his book to a publisher whose goal is to make money off of Sanders' book. That's capitalism, the thing Sanders doesn't like. 

If Sanders was serious, while claiming to not make a cent from such things, he could have self-published — seized the means of producing books, perhaps — and published his manuscript online for all to read for free. That would have actually circumvented, still not entirely though, the capitalist enterprises he demonizes and claims to stand against. 

But, like most other liberal hypocrites, Americans are supposed to do as Sanders says — not as he does. 


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