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Is Marianne Williamson About to Run for President Again?

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Self-help guru and viral meme icon Marianne Williamson is reportedly "on the verge of announcing she’s running" for president as a Democrat in the 2024 election this weekend, which would make Williamson the first Dem to announce a bid given Biden's refusal to announce a decision thus far. 


In an interview with Politico, Williamson said she believes Biden is "going to run on a message that the economy is getting stronger," something Williamson says "speaks to the disconnect between the analysis of party elites versus the struggle of everyday Americans...The majority of Americans are still struggling to survive," she added. 

In addition to criticizing the Biden administration's record through its first two years, Williamson didn't hold back in evaluating the DNC's attempt to shakeup its primary calendar for 2024 while also previewing what she seems to think will be a rigged nominating contest. "How can the Democratic Party present itself as a champion of democracy and do something as undemocratic as overtly engineering the primary schedule to make sure that their chosen candidate would win it?" Williamson asked rhetorically. "That is spitting in the face of democracy."

Williamson, who ran unsuccessfully for president in the 2020 cycle, also said her primary campaign strategy would "be to tell the truth as I understand it." When asked to respond to her critics and those who doubt she could mount a serious challenge for the Democrat nomination for president, Williamson gave a history lesson.

"Abolitionists would not have thought that abolishing slavery was possible," Williamson said. "The suffragists would have had days when they didn't think women's suffrage was possible. Civil rights workers would have thought that desegregation wasn't possible," she noted.


Perhaps Williamson is right that she shouldn't be counted out due to her perceived long-shot status. She dropped out of the 2020 contest before the Iowa Caucuses on January 10, 2020, but Kamala Harris dropped out more than one month earlier on December 3, 2019 — and she's now just one 80-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency. 

On what people got wrong about her the last time she ran, Williamson said she's "certainly not anti-science," "not anti-vax," and "not the crystal lady...Basically, I’m not stupid."

Well, if Joe Biden isn't going to announce that he's running, at least Williamson looks like she is. This weekend, the apparent candidate-in-waiting will be in New Hampshire to make an announcement that's expected to kick off her second presidential campaign.

If so, we can anticipate more iconic moments like this one from Iowa during the 2020 campaign:

Maybe we'll get really lucky and there will be a Biden-Williamson debate? That would be some must-watch TV.

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