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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has been a stalwart and outspoken figure in the fight to defend conservative principles on Capitol Hill, something that cannot be said of some of his party's members in the upper chamber. 


As Townhall reported on Tuesday, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in a press conference that the "number one priority" for the United States was providing more aid to Ukraine amid its onslaught by Russian troops. McConnell also said he was "proud" to work with Democrats on the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that will mean the new GOP majority in the House has little leverage over Biden and his party until next fall. 

In a lengthy Twitter thread posted Wednesday morning, Rep. Roy did not hold back on those Republicans in the Senate who are playing nice with Democrats and President Biden in order to screw over House Republicans set to take majority control of the lower chamber on January 3. 

"21 Senators voted to proceed to the $1.7 trillion omnibus - & to spend billions we do not have, empower Biden bureaucrats with no fixes, & block us from securing the border for at least 9 mos," Roy tweeted. "Some are friends, one my former boss.. but unless they change their vote on final passage, I don’t care & will oppose their bills/priorities - & not for revenge, but b/c it’s the only tool I have to pressure them to stop doing this to us," he said. 

"This vote is indefensible, & damaging to Texas. It takes away our leverage to force Biden to secure the border & in fact specifically says new DHS money can only be used to process MORE people - which will lead to more fentanyl, violence, & death," Roy noted of the funding restrictions in the 4,155-page bill that gives billions to foreign nations for border security but disallows the use of some funds to secure the U.S. border.  


"For Texans, this alone is reason enough to oppose this terrible bill (cc: John Cornyn) but the Chamber has always carried the day on border & immigration for the GOP, hasn’t it?" Roy noted. 

"And now we face a deadly crisis, and they STILL can’t act. They just say 'well, it’s the best we’re going to do.' What do they mean by that? Well, Leader McConnell told you it’s about getting $47BB more for Ukraine & 10% more 'defense' spending," Roy explained. "You think it’s an accident that Zelensky is coming to Congress TODAY?  Meanwhile, he & other Senate GOP claim it’s because House conservatives won’t 'govern,'" he added. 

"To be clear - what that really means is 'defense spending - for us & Ukraine - trumps Americans’ concerns about mounting debt, out-of-control bureaucrats, and wide open borders,'" Roy noted. 

"It means 'we’re the adults in the room, so sit down while we continue the status quo & cut big $ deals with Democrats rather than even sit down with a new GOP majority & work it out among Republicans.'" But of course the swampy establishment Senate GOPers would rather talk with Democrats about passing the omnibus than talk to Republicans who are about to have a majority in the House about how to address Biden's many crises.

"The Senate GOP failed to get a majority in November with both pathetic messaging & some bad candidates, & now want to blame the new House GOP for being 'unable to govern' when they just don’t like the priorities we would debate & struggle with because they represent the tired old #SwampGOP," Roy continued. 


"They are who they are: war-first Republicans who give lip service to securing the border & stopping deficit spending during campaigns, yet are voting right now to support (fund) the opposite," Roy said. 

However, "it needn’t be this way," Roy added. "The House GOP majority, if allowed, could set a new tone in which we rebuild our military, project strength, & help our allies - but not at the expense of fiscal strength & protecting our own freedom & sovereignty at home."

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