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Senator John Kennedy Has Thoughts on Kale

Stumping for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia over the weekend, Louisiana GOP Senator John Kennedy brought down the house with his usual turns of phrase and creative descriptions of how Democrats have governed since President Biden took office. 


Referring to Democrats in charge as "high-IQ stupid people," Sen. Kennedy explained why power-tripping leftists have run amok and damaged America. "These high-IQ stupid people have an answer for everything, you know why?" Kennedy asked the crowd. "Because they think they're smarter and more virtuous than the American people."

"These woke high-IQ stupid people are easy to recognize," Kennedy continued. "They hate George Washington, they hate Thomas Jefferson, they hate Dr. Seuss, and they hate Mr. Potato Head. These woke high-IQ stupid people, they walk around with Ziploc bags of kale that they can eat to give them energy," Kennedy said before offering his personal take on the cabbage subgroup.

"If you want to eat kale, that's up to you," Kennedy explained. "I don't eat kale, you know why? Because kale tastes to me like I'd rather be fat."

"These high-IQ stupid people, wokers in charge of Washington, DC — the berserk wing of the Democratic Party — they hyperventilate on their yoga mats if you use the wrong pronouns," Kennedy continues in one last dig at the radical left.


Kennedy also addressed former President Barack Obama's recent visit to Georgia on behalf of Walker's opponent, Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock. 

"He didn't come to Georgia to encourage the good people of Georgia," Kennedy said of Obama's visit. "He didn't come to talk about 'hope and change.' He came to make fun of my friend Herschel Walker," Kennedy explained. "President Obama is smart, one of the smartest people on the planet, just ask him," Kennedy quipped. "And he's very eloquent — he can talk a hungry dog off a meat wagon."

On Tuesday's Georgians will decide in the runoff election which candidate — Walker or Warnock — will be the final addition to the U.S. Senate's new session starting in January. 

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