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Coca-Cola Gets Trolled in Georgia for Lying About Election Integrity law

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

As Peach State voters prepared for Tuesday's U.S. Senate runoff election between incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock and Trump-endorsed GOP challenger Herschel Walker, one conservative group is reminding Georgians that Democrats and major Georgia-based companies lied to them about the effects of an election security bill.


The legislation pursued by Republican lawmakers and GOP Gov. Brian Kemp was smeared as "Jim Crow 2.0" by President Joe Biden and serial loser Stacey Abrams attempted to further undermine the law by alleging it would prevent black Georgians from voting. 

Thanks to false claims by Democrats, Major League Baseball yanked its All-Star Game from Georgia and dozens of major companies caved to pressure from the wokesters and condemned the legislation based on incorrect information. Among them was Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. 

Ultimately, all the Democrat and woke corporate predications of massive voter disenfranchisement and racist policies, predictably, did not come true. In fact, the opposite happened. Voter turnout in the 2022 midterms surpassed the levels seen in 2018 before the law was passed, showing that Americans in fact respond positively when they have confidence in their votes and elections, and turn out to participate in larger numbers as a result.

In the weekend leading into Tuesday's runoff, the Honest Elections Project took out a full-page ad in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reminding voters that woke Coke had lied about the election security law — and calling on the drink company to apologize for their smears that proved to be purely false partisan fearmongering. 


"Coca-Cola attacked Georgia's election law as a 'step backward' that would 'diminish or deter access to voting,'" the Honest Elections Project reminded in its ad. "After Georgia made it easier to vote and harder to cheat, the state law saw its most successful election in history, shattering records for early and absentee voting."

In addition to their reminder to Georgians before the runoff, the Honest Elections Project also made sure that MLB's leadership knew conservatives still remember the damage caused by the league's decision to cave to Democrats like Joe Biden and woke activists' lies used as a partisan bludgeon. 

Mobile billboards were deployed by HEP around the MLB's winter meetings in San Diego, calling on the league to apologize for its lies that hurt Georgians and the Peach State's economy. 


Will woke companies and Democrats learn anything even though they've been soundly rebuked for their lies? Unlikely. But it's still important for groups like the Honest Elections Project to keep score and remind Americans that woke companies that buddy up to Democrat lies have had their fearmongering debunked. With enough reminders of the left's partisan hyperbole, more Americans might stop believing their nonsense. 

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