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Caroline Brehman/Pool Photo via AP

Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa is pushing for the Biden administration to play by the rules it expects Americans to follow with a new bill aimed at turning up the heat — literally — in solidarity with residents in California who have been plagued by energy shortages and the threat of rolling blackouts as a result of the left's so-called "green" energy policies. 


"During a hot summer, liberal leaders told folks to set the AC to 78 degrees to compensate for failed Democratic policies," Sen. Ernst said of California's energy crisis that saw days of power shortages and power officials tell residents statewide to set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoid using large appliances, turn off unnecessary lights, and avoid charging their electric vehicles. "Secretary of Energy Granholm praised the move, saying states like California are leading by example,” Ernst reminded. 

During a swing through the Golden State just days before the threats of rolling blackouts hit, Granholm said "California is in the lead and can show the rest of the nation how it is done." Apparently, "how it is done" is sweating in the dark while your mandated electric vehicle sits dead in the driveway. 

“It’s time for Biden officials to adhere to the same regulations they’re pushing on hardworking Americans," Ernst continued of a new piece of legislation she's introducing — the Lead By Example Act — to make a point about how powerful and elite Democrats expect Americans to live by one substandard rule while they continue to enjoy uninterrupted comfort. "My bill requires EPA and the Department of Energy to set the AC no lower than 78 degrees, and provide a report to Congress on what they’ve had the AC set at in the past," Ernst said. "Not only will this make Washington bureaucrats think twice before imposing arbitrary rules on Americans, it could even save money."


Senator Ernst warned Americans and her Senate colleagues of the crisis now playing out in California during a floor speech in July. "With President Biden and his same team of advisors who created a nationwide baby formula shortage and out-of-control inflation overseeing their 'energy transition' what could possibly go wrong?" she asked earlier this summer. "Most of the nation is currently in danger of experiencing power outages due to energy shortages caused by the closure of power plants as part of the Democrats’ push towards renewables," Ernst explained of warnings that Townhall reported on here

“These Biden Blackouts will make it impossible to even run fans and air conditioners on the hottest days of the summer!" Ernst added, quite presciently. "The ongoing closure of traditional power plants is reducing our capacity to supply enough electricity for millions of homes and renewables are not yet producing enough energy on their own to make up the difference," she explained. "The Democrats are predictably blaming global warming, but the truth is the rolling blackouts and rising prices are really being caused by man-made energy change."

Of course, Democrats don't really care about the impracticality and chaos their "alternative" energy "transition" brings — California is the same state where, just before telling residents not to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours, a rule was passed to ban the sale of new gas vehicles in the not-too-distant future. 


And the Democrats inflicting the rules that make life more difficult and more expensive for Americans never subject themselves to the same edicts. Biden's climate ambassador John Kerry flies more in most months than the average American does in a year, often on private jets — all to tell people around the world how humans are killing the earth by spewing emissions into the sky.

Maybe turning up the heat for those who think Americans should suffer so they can get climate awards need to get a taste of their own overheated medicine.

In the words of Senator Ernst, "It’s time to make ‘em squeal, and sweat!"

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