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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Even before CNN could bring itself to admit that Liz Cheney had indeed lost her primary, Alisyn Camerota was left to wonder aloud what a Cheney loss would "mean for our democracy."


Well, Alisyn, it means that our democracy *literally* worked and a group of everyday Americans made their voices heard to show Cheney — who thought she was more powerful and knew better than them — the door. Since CNN apparently has forgotten, the dictionary definition of "democracy" is "government by the people." And the people of Wyoming just determined their government. Case closed. 

In addition to CNN's concern, some of the usual resisters took to Twitter to mourn the death of the Republican Party while praising Liz Cheney for her overwhelming defeat that they contend was, in fact, a win. (Fact check: that's not how losing works.)


And then, not to be left out of an opportunity to farm retweets from lib Twitter, the Lincoln Project issued a statement devoid of subtlety and clearly hammered out through the tears of one of their clownish leaders.

"Tonight, the nation marks the end of the Republican Party," the Lincoln Project declared, apparently seriously. "What remains shares the name and branding of the traditional GOP, but is in fact an authoritarian nationalist cult dedicated only to Donald Trump."

Much like Cheney's strange concession speech, the Lincoln Project still can't get over its obsession with Donald Trump. "They Wyoming GOP, supported by millions of corporate dollars from Kevin McCarthy, nominated a reality-denying conspiracy theorist who promotes the "Big Lie" and bends a knee to Donald Trump." The Lincoln Project, much like CNN, overlooked the fact that Wyoming voters are the ones with the power in the democratic process they claim to champion...until the people disobey beltway edicts from people like Cheney and the Lincoln Project folks.

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