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Dems' Green Energy Just Went Up in Flames

Screenshot via Twitter

A wind turbine — the likes of which Joe Biden's so-called "green" energy "transition" relies upon — in Texas met an untimely end over the weekend when a reported lightning strike hit caused the structure to catch fire and then essentially implode while spinning itself into oblivion. 


According to local ABC affiliate KSAT, the now-wrecked wind turbine was installed in the middle of a field in northern Texas. After lightning struck the turbine during a storm, the spinning machinery made for quite the show. Video shot nearby shows the flaming blade spinning off giant smoke rings as the turbine's blade burned while fanning its own flames.

As the fire burned through the turbine blades — which are hundreds of feet long — its structural integrity was toast and it started collapsing, throwing the whole machine off-balance until its spinning turned into a total failure. "It just disintegrated," Chris Lopez said when he tweeted video of the flaming mess.

Once the turbine spun itself into flaming bits, what remained upright of the "green" energy source continued to burn despite driving rain.


The volunteer fire department in Crowell was called to respond to the flames, but the turbine's instability — that caused its implosion — meant that first responders couldn't get close enough to do anything but watch and make sure nothing below the turbine caught fire or got out of control until the fire eventually died out.

President Joe Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently heralded the administration's energy "transition" — which to be clear is to kill off fossil fuels, ban coal-fired generation, and ensure the country is reliant on unreliable sources — saying "we are witnessing the beginning of one of the most significant events in human history: the clean energy transition" adding "it is long overdue, and it can’t progress fast enough."

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