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14 House Republicans Defy Leadership to Vote for Gun Control Bill

Jim Bourg/Pool via AP

The House of Representatives took up and passed the so-called "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act" on Friday  by a vote of 234-193 after Democrats and some Republicans in the Senate compromised on Americans' Second Amendment freedoms behind closed doors and rushed the text through the upper chamber earlier this week. 


Despite the bill having the votes necessary to pass without Republican support, 14 Republicans joined their gun-grabbing allies across the aisle in voting for the legislation — another middle finger from some congressional Republicans to their constituents and law-abiding gun owners. 

The Republicans, including the usual suspects, voting with Democrats to pass the bill were:

  • Liz Cheney of Wyoming
  • Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
  • Peter Meijer of Michigan
  • Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
  • Tom Rice of South Carolina
  • John Katko of New York
  • David Joyce of Ohio
  • Chris Jacobs of New York
  • Steve Chabot of Ohio
  • Maria Salazar of Florida
  • Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
  • Fred Upton of Michigan
  • Mike Turner of Ohio
  • Tony Gonzalez of Texas

Beyond defying opposition from the Americans they represent, those 14 Republicans also defied the House's GOP leadership. 

House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (LA) — himself a target of gun violence when a Bernie Sanders supporter with a hit list shot up a Republican baseball practice in the D.C. suburbs — along with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) told their members they opposed the bill earlier this week. Separately, McCarthy said that he would "oppose the Senate bill because provisions in it would place additional unnecessary impediments and burdens on law-abiding citizens' right to own a firearm." He also warned against "knee-jerk reactions in how the federal government approaches red flag laws, where Congress strong-arms states into passing laws that may violate the Second Amendment and deprive citizens their right to due process."

Many other conservatives in the House spoke out against the legislation ahead of Friday's vote, including Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina:


But, as happened in the Senate that allowed the bill to have any chance of making it to President Biden's desk where it heads now, Republicans partnered with those who insist the GOP is an evil party to reach a "compromise" that only angers conservatives. 

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