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Townhall Media / Julio Rosas

Title 42 is still in place — for now — after a judge ruled that the Trump-era policy must remain in place despite the Biden administration's intention for the policy to lapse on Monday, but it isn't stopping migrants from attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. 


Townhall's Julio Rosas is back along the border this week, reporting from both the United States and Mexico, as U.S. authorities grapple with the continuing onslaught of illegal immigrants and migrants in Mexico try to figure out what to do now that Title 42 remains in place. 

In one instance, Julio captured a Mexican helicopter seemingly trying to dissuade migrants from illegally crossing the swift Rio Grande into the United States, but it eventually ascended as the group of illegal immigrants reached the middle of the river. 

The Biden administration's failure to present a united front at the border or to declare that the international boundary would be enforced has seemingly only created more confusion for migrants waiting in Mexican towns bordering the United States. Some migrants Julio spoke with weren't even aware that Title 42 hadn't been lifted on Monday as the Biden administration had first announced.


For these migrants, and countless others, they're now faced with a choice: try to illegally enter to take advantage of the rest of the Biden administration's lax or nonexistent immigration laws and face being immediately deported or wait it out in Mexico and see if Title 42 is eventually allowed to lapse.

The issue of Title 42 aside, illegally entering the United States via the Rio Grande presents even more uncertainty and danger. Illegal immigrants attempting to make the crossing have died in the fast-moving waters, and Texas National Guard SPC Bishop E. Evans tragically lost his life last month saving drowning migrants who were alleged to be drug smugglers.

The authorities on the Mexico side have been, at times recently, trying to stop some migrants from making it out of Mexico and into the Rio Grande while bound for the U.S. shore. But the significant number of illegal immigrants spurred by the Biden administration's open border policies has made it impossible for authorities on either side of the river to stop every illegal immigrant.


On Monday, ahead of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's visit to the U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas, authorities on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande were out in a show of force as some migrants continued to make their way into the United States illegally. 

On Sunday evening, Julio also captured members of Texas' Operation Lone Star assembling on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande, another show of force on the eve of the day Title 42 was set to be terminated.

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