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TX National Guardsman Missing in Rio Grande After Trying to Save Illegal Immigrant

Sgt. Mark Otte/Texas Military Department via AP

A soldier with the Texas National Guard stationed in Eagle Pass is missing in the Rio Grande after trying to rescue an illegal immigrant crossing the international border. The guardsman's death highlights the risk the National Guard, Border Patrol agents and Texas state troopers face while deployed for Operation Lone Star.


Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin first covered the news, reporting that a body had been recovered and an official statement will be released shortly.

The body that was recovered was not the solider but "possibly a migrant" and the solider is still missing.

Texas National Guardsmen, along with state troopers, have been deployed to the Texas-Mexico border since March 2021 as part of Operation Lone Star, which was started in response to the astronomical surge of illegal immigrats and narcotics smuggling.

The Rio Grande, which stretches almost 2,000 miles from southern Colorado to the Gulf, has a very strong current a separates Texas and Mexico. For anyone who is not in a boat, crossing the river poses a serious risk. Melugin further reported the solider's death is in addition to three other illegal immigrants who had drowned attempting to cross the border. Not to mention, more unaccompanied children were found near the border.


At the Del Rio Sector, which borders the state Coahuila, has seen an increase of police and military personnel patrolling after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed security agreements with each Mexican state that borders Texas to help slow down illegal immigrant traffic.

This post has been updated to include an official statement detailing the Texas National Guardsman is missing.

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