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Screenshot via YouTube / The City Club of Cleveland

Following the circulation of cringey videos and disproven tweets posted by Nina Jankowicz, the head of DHS' new "Disinformation Governance Board," a video of public remarks Jankowicz delivered in 2021 gives Americans another idea of what sort of speech Biden's so-called Minister of Truth may look to stifle when it comes to expression that's inconvenient for Democrats. 


In October, Jankowicz spoke at the City Club of Cleveland's annual meeting, delivering an address titled "Disinformation and Democracy: Civic Discourse in the Digital Age." How nice. 

During her remarks, Jankowicz outlined the supposed threat of disinformation — and she would know after she said that the Russian dossier was authentic and brushing off Hunter Biden's laptop from hell as Russian disinformation — before attacking parents and others who oppose Critical Race Theory. 

"Critical Race Theory has become one of those hot-button issues that the Republicans and other, you know, 'disinformers' who are engaged in disinformation for profit, frankly — there are plenty of, you know, media outlets that are making money off of this too — have seized on," Biden's Minister of Truth claimed. "I live in Virginia, in Loudoun County, that's one of the areas where people have really honed in on this topic," Jankowicz added to supposedly prove her credibility on the topic.

So...a few things. First, her blind partisanship that's been apparent on her TikTok and Twitter and is stated in the above video disqualifies her from being a federal arbiter of truth. Second, it was the Democrats who spent 4+ years spreading disinformation in their damaging attempts to explain why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Third, smearing parents who oppose Critical Race Theory as "disinformers" who are seeking a profit is disinformation of its own. Finally, calling out media outlets for supposedly making money off of Critical Race Theory reporting while ignoring the overwhelming majority of mainstream outlets that sought to make a profit off of resisting President Trump is blind, ludicrous, partisan loyalty. Just because CNN is a failing money pit that couldn't get Americans to buy their anti-conservative screed subscriptions doesn't mean they didn't try. 


Jankowicz's remarks also referenced "winning the information war," just another hint that she's not interested in her stated mission of stopping foreign disinformation from influencing American government but is instead committed to waging a domestic campaign to win the information war for Democrats at the cost of parents and presumably anyone else who stands in the Biden administration's way. 

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