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Republican Committee Trolls Biden With Fuel Cans Featuring His Face


The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is out with a new ad and a new product trolling President Biden and Democrats across the country who've waged a war on fossil fuels that's seen the average price for a gallon of gas hit its all-time high earlier this spring: Joe Biden gas cans. 


We've all seen the "I did that!" stickers of Biden pointing with a surprised look on his face that have appeared on gas pumps around the country as prices soared. But the RSLC's latest offering takes things to the next level with a way to "fuel up now before gas hits $10/gal."

The digital ad released along with the Biden gas can promotion features a warning issued by President Trump back before the 2020 election. "If Biden got in you'd be paying $7, $8, $9..." per gallon

"Joe Biden and his liberal allies in the states continue to drive up gas prices with their war on domestic energy production, and Americans simply cannot afford the pain Democrats are causing at the pump," RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo said in a release on the new product being offered. "The solution to lowering gas prices is electing more Republicans in the states who can hold the line against Biden’s failing agenda, but until then we hope Americans make use of these canisters and start filling up extra before gas prices skyrocket even further," Romeo added.


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