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Bezos-Owned Washington Post Editorial Board Has Thoughts About Billionaire Musk Buying Twitter

Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP

As the mainstream media continues to get its knickers in a twist over the prospect of Elon Musk taking over Twitter, the desperate takes have only gotten more laughable. After running several op-eds by writers opposing Musk's attempt at a hostile takeover of the social media platform, The Washington Post's editorial board decided to get in on the fun with a Sunday column that suggests WaPo's editors don't actually know anything about the company for which they work.


"Let’s hope Elon Musk doesn’t win his bid for Twitter," is the headline of the editorial board's piece and it's... exactly what you'd expect from the know-betters who claim "Democracy Dies in Darkness" while running around snuffing out the light of free expression at every turn. From the first lines of their (bad) opinion, the lack of self-awareness is staggering:

If you can’t join them, buy them. This is the philosophy billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk appears to have adopted as he launches a hostile takeover bid for the social media platform Twitter. Let’s hope he doesn’t succeed.

So, for those unaware — apparently including WaPo's editorial board — The Washington Post was purchased by *billionaire* Jeff Bezos in 2013 for a few hundred billion dollars cash. The then-Amazon CEO, apparently rather than joining the news publishing business with an offering of his own, just bought a newspaper. 

The Post's joyless editors continue by calling Musk's hostile takeover offer a "juvenile display" before launching into some unqualified defense and inaccurate image rehab for former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

Mr. Musk has promised to make Twitter a “platform for free speech around the globe.” This vision is more or less the same one now-departed CEO Jack Dorsey championed throughout his tenure, and especially in the platform’s early days. But like its industry peers, Twitter has moved over time toward stricter rules. That isn’t because executives have changed their views, but rather because they have learned some lessons after observing how their products can be abused to manipulate elections, or spread health misinformation, or harass people en masse.


The leftist safe space that is The Washington Post has, of course, probably never run into Twitter's random bans, suspensions, and harassment in the name of "content moderation." Unlike The New York Post, conservative writers, or non-state-sanctioned media, WaPo hasn't had its stories memory-holed by Twitter. Their personalities within the left's pseudo-state media haven't faced suspensions for doing nothing more than saying inconvenient truths — because they rarely if ever stray from the approved narrative. 

For The Post, Twitter's decline into partisan hackery is good for them. It protects their version of reality and silences dissenting narratives. Dorsey didn't "champion" free speech, he championed attempts to make Twitter little more than an echoing playground for liberal elites. If The Post wants to talk about Twitter being used to manipulate elections, they should really look at how Twitter completely shut down The New York Post's story about Hunter's laptop from hell right before the 2020 election. A story that has since been confirmed by... The Washington Post. 

Unsurprisingly, WaPo also calls for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go after Musk for his trading activity regarding Twitter, but what good would The Washington Post be without whining and calling for its big-government pals to further silence those who don't follow their prescribed narrative. 


It's nothing to do with democracy, but whatever this latest unaware blather is from WaPo's editorial board definitely should have stayed in the darkness.

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