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Atlanta Public School Doubles Down on Election Indoctrination with Stacey Abrams Group

AP Photo/Steve Helber, File

As Townhall reported previously, an organization launched by failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was involved in Atlanta Public Schools' election curriculum that taught a slanted version of reality aimed at demonizing election security laws that enjoy majority support among Americans — even Democrats. 

The revelations were discovered after lesson plans used last fall were obtained through a public records request filed by former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler's organization Greater Georgia and grassroots education watchdog Parents Defending Education. The records showed that, as Townhall reported, "2,500 students in 11th and 12th grades from eleven public schools in Atlanta were involved in a "pep rally"  last September, an event sponsored by organizations including the New Georgia Project — founded by Stacey Abrams — and progressive-aligned Rock the Vote."

Now, Townhall has learned exclusively that even after being exposed for their biased and partisan lessons on election law and procedures, Atlanta Public Schools is doubling-down and already working with the Abrams'-founded group again this spring ahead of the midterm elections while excluding other groups from assisting with student voter registration efforts. 

According to a Facebook post, a voter registration drive was conducted by the New Georgia Project — the group founded by Stacey Abrams — at North Atlanta High School on Tuesday, April 12th. When Loeffler's organization Greater Georgia contacted the school seeking the same access to students to support the effort to register young voters, North Atlanta High School rejected the request. Even more bizarrely, a school representative said in an email response that NAHS already had arrangements with the New Georgia Project and didn't need another organization to register students before the upcoming election.

Really? There are some six months until the general election. According to the Atlanta Public Schools' 2022-23 academic calendar, the first day of class in the fall is August 1st, meaning there are multiple months in which students will be on the school's campus. There may be students who moved to the district over the summer, students who didn't know earlier they wanted to vote in November's elections, and probably more reasons why there should be more voter registration opportunities for students from multiple organizations. But according to APS, they're already committed to Stacey Abrams' New Georgia Project and won't need any other organizations to help in registration efforts. 

Greater Georgia's Chairwoman and former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler noted that with more than 2,000 students "North Atlanta High School is the largest public high school in Atlanta" and "if they truly cared about civic engagement, school administrators would invite a range of groups to help register this tremendous number of future voters, instead of turning groups away."

Loeffler continued, criticizing the district: "The truth is, Atlanta Public Schools are not interested in civics, or basic voter registration. Instead, they are working with the liberal New Georgia Project to indoctrinate and transform students into progressive activists."

That's not hyperbole, either. As a 2021 profile in Fast Company reveals, the New Georgia Project is just woke activists marauding as civic leaders. The piece talks about how NGP will "hire drag queens to come out and perform on election day," believes "voter suppression is the number one priority for the Republican Party," and wants to convert voters into "members, activists, and organizers who show up with us on our campaigns" that all run in one partisan direction. 

As Townhall highlighted in its previous coverage of APS' partnership with the liberal organization, Loeffler also emphasized that "in their quest to turn Georgia blue, APS and NGP will silence those that don't promote their ideology. Every parent deserves to know what is being taught to their kids — and reject the partisan indoctrination that is replacing real civics education," she added.

Ironically, it is the school administrators — in partnership with a Stacey Abrams-founded organization — that seems to be doing exactly what they accuse Republicans and conservatives of doing: suppressing votes. It is nearly impossible for APS and NGP to argue that they want as many voters as possible to turn out for elections when they seek to limit the number of organizations and opportunities by which the rising generation can become registered voters. 

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