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Biden's Remarks at 'Equal Pay' Event Were a Gaffe-Filled Dumpster Fire

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The White House hosted a Women's History Month event on Wednesday evening to highlight the left's 'Equal Pay Day' but President Biden apparently decided to make an attempt at breaking the record for how many gaffes he could spit out during his 14 minute remarks.


Right out of the gate, President Biden sought to explain who wasn't appearing at the event with him saying "there's been a little change in the arrangement of who's on the stage because of the First Lady's husband contracted COVID, but look at this room and what you see," Biden stated before someone off-stage in the White House pointed out that the "First Lady's husband" is...Joe Biden. Uncomfortable laughter from the crowd followed as Biden said "that's right, she's fine, that's me that's not together." No kidding.

Biden continued by referring to Doug Emhoff as "the Second Lady" before correcting himself with (also wrong) "First Gentleman," listing two additional incorrect monikers for Kamala Harris' husband who is in fact the Second Gentleman and not the husband of the president nor the vice president's wife, nor a lady. 

But Biden's nomenclature challenges didn't end there. In a line about his U.N. ambassador, the president incorrectly called her "Linda Thomas-Greenhouse," before correcting himself and using her actual name Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Biden was reading from his teleprompter at this point and, assuming the White House knows the name of the ambassador to the United Nations, Biden should have trusted the words scrolling in front of his eyes. It also wasn't the first time Biden incorrectly called her "Greenhouse."


Then, when telling one of his classic freewheeling anecdotes, Biden tripped himself up talking about his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. "I often kid her, and I wasn't kidding, early on when I was seeking the nomination had she been born in America she'd be standing here and I'd be sitting there," Biden said. 

"She was a former governor of the state of, uh, Michigan. Michigan, wrong," Biden said incorrectly fact-checking himself in real-time. "She was a former state of, she was a governor. I'm teasing." Biden was, of course, right the first time. But he incorrectly corrected himself, called Granholm a former state, and then decided to write the situation off as "teasing." Hoo-boy. 


Again, laughter from those gathered in the White House for the event only makes things more awkward. Were people laughing with Biden as he short-circuited? Were they laughing at Biden? It's almost like the White House has a laugh track from a sitcom ready to play to make sure there aren't awkward silences as Biden prods around trying to find his point or an accurate statement. 

Let's review:


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