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United Nations Takes Kremlin's Side, Bans Mention of Russia's 'War' or 'Invasion' of Ukraine

Manuel Elias/United Nations via AP

After failing to do anything meaningful to prevent Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine or bombing civilians with prohibited munitions, the United Nations is now apparently trying to avoid insulting Russia by banning the use of the words "war" or "invasion" when talking about Russia's invasion and current war against Ukraine. 


It's pathetic, laughable, tragic, and entirely on brand for the useless muppets who think China belongs on the Human Rights Council and Russia should serve as the President of its Security Council — a body committed "to the maintenance of international peace and security" — at the time it violently invades another country.

The U.N. acting as speech police rather than doing anything meaningful to curtail Putin's deadly European power trip was first reported by The Irish Times as "a move to balance political sensitivities as powerful member state Russia cracks down domestically on those who use the words."

So, yes — the United Nations, which already allowed Putin to run roughshod over Ukraine's border and continue to bomb the living daylights out of residential areas and government buildings, is now taking their fealty to another level and acquiescing to the Kremlin's thugs. 


"UN staff have been instructed to use the terms 'conflict' or 'military offensive' to describe Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, which has killed hundreds of civilians and forced two million to flee the country," according to an internal U.N. email reviewed by The Irish Times:

“[Use] ‘conflict’ or ‘military offensive’ and NOT ‘war’ or ‘invasion’ when referring to the situation in Ukraine.”

It further banned staff from adding the Ukrainian flag to social media profiles or websites, something that has become a common expression of solidarity with the country since it was invaded on February 24th.

“Do NOT add the Ukrainian flag to personal or official social media accounts or websites,” the email read.

The communications policy was explained in the email as a way to avoid “reputational risk”.

“This is an important reminder that we, as international civil servants, have a responsibility to be impartial,” the email read. “There is a serious possibility of reputational risk that has been flagged by senior officials recently.”

The language policy has fuelled concern that the organisation is going too far to avoid offending Russia, a powerful member state that holds one of the five permanent seats on the UN Security Council.


Gee, ya think the United Nations is going too far in appeasing Russia amid its unprovoked attack on Ukraine when it's following the Kremlin's rules for how to refer to the war Putin's waging?


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