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Did You Catch What Biden's Energy Secretary Said About Fossil Fuels?

Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

Former Michigan Governor and current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said more of the quiet part out loud this week when she revealed that the Biden administration views increasing energy prices as part of a "transition" away from gas and oil.

But Granholm's lip service to the pain being felt by Americans under Biden's inflationary policies showed how the Biden administration really views rising gas prices, the problems with our country's dependence on foreign powers, and its goals for the future of American energy.

Speaking to the rising cost of gas and oil — and the pressure it's putting on American families — Secretary Granholm claimed that "the bottom line is that this president and this administration are looking at every single tool to shield American families from the impact of rising energy prices. and we're working through, we're working through an energy transition," she said. "And we've got to start by adding energy," Granholm continued, "and the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas — we recognize this — this is a transition."

Yikes. On the first part of Granholm's remarks that Biden and his administration is "looking at every single tool" to "shield" Americans from rising energy prices, nothing could be further from the truth. If Biden truly wanted to shield Americans from rising gas and energy prices, he'd throw open the spigots on American energy. But he isn't.  

And again, when Granholm claims that "we've got to start by adding energy," the Biden administration has done the opposite. What part of killing the Keystone XL pipeline and ending leases for drilling and fracking sounds like "adding" to the U.S. energy supply? It doesn't. Biden, Granholm, and the rest of the administration have done their best to make fossil fuels scarce and expensive. Unfortunately, they've been pretty successful.

While only a few members of the Biden administration will even admit they know of the pain inflation is causing Americans to gas up their cars and heat their homes, they're really not all that concerned about it. If fossil fuels become unaffordable for hardworking Americans as is the goal of Biden's energy policy, that's fine with them.

It's all part of their dream of an energy "transition" that will make all their alternative and less-reliable energy the only option available. It's why Biden announced his plan for 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country to eclipse the roughly 115,000 gas stations in the United States. If America becomes energy independent again and gas prices fall to the levels we saw during the Trump administration, no sane person is going to give up cheap and reliable fossil fuels for more expensive and less reliable sources. So the Biden administration and radical climate alarmists are going to force Americans off of oil and gas by making it as expensive and scarce as possible. If Americans are hurt in the process? So be it, it's a "transition" to get Americans "off of oil and gas."

As additional proof of how little Granholm cares about the pain being felt by Americans as energy prices rise as a result of the Biden administration's flawed policies, here's the energy secretary laughing when asked in an interview last year about skyrocketing gas prices. 

It's difficult to expect anything better from the woman who said at a White House event that solar panels and windmills are the "greatest peace plan that ever existed."


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