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Someone Hid Winsome Sears' Gavel...So She Used Her Patent Leather High-Heeled Shoe

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Virginia's newly elected Republican leadership has been hard at work fulfilling its campaign promises for residents of the Commonwealth. Among their early accomplishments, Attorney General Jason Miyares' work to rescind executive mask and vaccine mandates saw Virginia's public universities drop their requirements and Governor Glenn Youngkin successfully rolled back mask mandates for Virginia's students, something Lt. Governor Winsome Sears guided to Senate passage with bipartisan support. 


As a new week of work began on Monday for Virginia's Republican leaders, "an unknown prankster" hid Lt. Governor Sears' gavel, but she didn't skip a beat, bringing Virginia's Senate chamber to order with her high-heeled shoe. 

"One shoe can change your life," Sears remarked of her quick-thinking resourcefulness. "Just ask Cinderella." 

Lt. Governor Sears has already been a critical player in Youngkin's administration and its work to roll back draconian COVID measures implemented by the previous Democrat administration. As the tiebreaker for votes in the Virginia Senate — where she presides as President over a narrow Democrat majority — Sears continues to keep legislation moving, with or without a gavel. 



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