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Biden 'Rejecting' U.S. Army Report Detailing His Botched Afghan Withdrawal

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In a Thursday night interview on NBC, President Biden denied claims made in a U.S. Army report on his administration's withdrawal from Afghanistan, implying that leaders in his chain of command perjured themselves. And yet, the mainstream media seems uninterested in the fact that Biden is calling his military commanders liars. 


As Townhall reported Thursday, a new 2,000 page report resulting from an Army investigation into Biden's disastrous and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan revealed previously unreported and "damning" information about how Biden botched the final days of the United States' presence in Afghanistan as his administration remained reportedly in denial of the reality unfolding in Afghanistan.

The report and its contents were raised by Lester Holt who noted the report drew on interviews with "many military officials and officers who said the administration ignored the handwriting on the wall" while others "described trying to get folks in the embassy ready to evacuate, encountering people who were essentially in denial of the situation. Does any of that ring true to you?" Lester asked President Biden.

"No," Biden responded. "No. It's not what I was told."


Holt pressed Biden to clarify, asking "You were told that the U.S. — administration officials — were prepared, they knew it was time to get out?"

"No," Biden responded again. "What I was told, no one told me, look, there was no good time to get out," Biden said, seemingly struggling to choose his words. "But if we had not gotten out, they acknowledged we would have had to put a whole lot of troops back in," Biden added before forgetting which country he was speaking about:

"There was no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine, I mean excuse me... Iraq... uh... Afghanistan."

"Are you rejecting the conclusions or the accounts that are in this Army report?" Holt asked as a followup. 

"Yes I am," Biden replied.

"So they're not true?" Holt pressed.

"I'm rejecting them," is all Biden would say.

So, the President of the United States, aka the commander-in-chief of the military, is rejecting the conclusions of the U.S. Army and denying that sworn testimony of his commanders "rings true." Does Biden really think his military commanders perjured themselves? And perhaps more importantly, does he expect Americans to believe his word in an NBC news interview over the sworn testimony of Army officers?


Biden's rejection of the accounts and conclusions from the U.S. Army also shows that he learned nothing from the disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan and likely won't be any better prepared or able to handle deteriorating situations in other countries where the United States has interests... like Ukraine, for example, or Taiwan. 

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