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Liberal Media Tries to Explain Why Biden Snapped at Doocy...and It's Malarkey

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As Townhall reported first yesterday, President Biden got caught on a hot mic calling Fox News' Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch." Not exactly the bill of goods Biden sold on the campaign trail as an adult in the room who wouldn't mean-tweet and would treat people with respect. 


As the story of Biden's profane outburst spread, the usual suspects were quick to try and cover for Biden, but as with most of his blunders, there's just no way to explain away or contextualize what the president said. 

Take NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell and her valiant effort for example. As she explained, President Biden "does not like when questions are asked about a subject other than the planned event." 

Oh, so Biden was just merely upset that Doocy's question wasn't on-topic for the event at which the dust-up occurred? That could be a fair point, but, as O'Donnell also said on NBC Nightly News as she tried to make excuses for Biden, the event "in this case was about middle class families and the economy." But Doocy's question to Biden was about inflation, something that definitely falls within the topic of middle class families and the economy — but apparently O'Donnell doesn't see it that way? Strange. 


NBC was joined in the frenzied spin by, who else, CNN, which seems to have quickly received and adopted the approved narrative. Read for yourself and see if you notice anything similar about how these tweets described the incident:


Ah, so Biden was just hamming it up? And since he "deadpanned" the remark, he's in the clear? Well, anyone who's more than five minutes old remembers that CNN and NBC were not always so forgiving or quick to make excuses for presidential outbursts. 

Don't hold your breath waiting for Brian Stelter to attempt a takedown of Biden for Monday's "even worse" than "wrong" "anti-media attack from POTUS."


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