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Democratic National Convention via AP

The Clintons either have too much free time or too little money these days because 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton announced Thursday that he was rolling out a new "MasterClass" on "inclusive leadership." 


The crash course in leadership, according to MasterClass, promises subscribers will "Learn how to assemble, inspire, and empower diverse teams, mediate conflict, manage criticism—and create a personal framework to guide you and your team toward a shared vision." Right. 

President Clinton's announcement follows Secretary Hillary Clinton's announcement earlier this fall that she would be teaching a MasterClass of her own, although her credentials are perhaps even more disputed unless she's teaching people how to wipe hard drives "like, with a cloth."

In one clip hawking the new Masterclass from Slick Willy, President Clinton talks about the "setbacks" he's had in his career, which is an interesting way to describe — among other scandals — his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Decades later, Clinton still can't take responsibility for his own actions, apparently. "I've had ferocious opposition where the whole strategy was to try to destroy me as a person," Clinton says without referencing a specific setback because of course he's the victim of his own story.


Newsflash for Bill: If you cheat on your wife with a White House intern and then lie about it, people might be upset with you. That's not a "setback" that happened to him, those are the consequences — which many would argue didn't go far enough — of his actions.

In another promotional clip tweeted by Clinton, he again takes some creative license with explaining his leadership style and lessons he has the offer: "A good leader will share the credit when something good happens and assume responsibility for the mistakes and not look for a scapegoat." Really?


Again, President Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky" Clinton seems to forget, his own leadership style included lying to his wife and the American people while blaming others when he was caught in his affair. What part of that is accepting responsibility? How is blaming a "vast, right-wing conspiracy" not looking for a scapegoat?

It's a shame, I guess, that President Clinton couldn't have given Hillary a MasterClass in how to be an inclusive leader who's able to win the presidency, survive impeachment attempts and multiple affairs, and still manage to make it through to the other side able to teach others how to be good leaders.

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