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Townhall Hate Mail: Thanksgiving Edition

Townhall Media

If you thought the first installment of Townhall Hate Mail with yours truly and Matt Vespa was a one-off, you'd be mistaken. There are, apparently, a lot of people upset with the truth-seeking journalism the Townhall team produces — but it's not all bad news. 

In this special Thanksgiving Day installment of Townhall Hate Mail, we air the inane grievances of those who think Kyle Rittenhouse deserved life in prison, those who think Vespa or I deserve to be shot, as well as those who think we don't know anything about journalism. Which is weird, because Townhall has been right about just about everything the mainstream media has been wrong about since even before President Biden took office. But I digress. 

In addition to sharing some of the hate we receive — which we do with glee because, to quote one supportive fan who wrote in after the first Townhall Hate Mail, "when the flak gets thick, you know you're over the target," we also decided to read some of the nicer messages we receive in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

After all, we are incredibly thankful to our readers, and especially to our VIP members who keep the lights on and Julio somewhere between a riot and the U.S.-Mexico border reporting the stories no one else apparently will. 

Our team knows there are a lot — and I mean a lot — of things to gripe about. There's the inflation that makes it more painful than ever in recent memory to fill up at the gas pump, pay for groceries, make rent, and still have money left over for Christmas gifts. That is, if the things you're looking to buy will get to you in time given the broken supply chain. For those who've served, there's much to be said and criticized about the way President Biden pulled the United States out of Afghanistan. And for those currently serving, there's even more uncertainty about what might happen if China moves on Taiwan or Russia invades Ukraine. 

But on that topic, it's worth noting how much Townhall has to be grateful for this year. In addition to our readers and VIP members (read: friends and allies) we still know that, regardless of who's in the White House, the American military is the greatest and most powerful force for freedom on earth. And we're grateful to all those who have served or are serving, along with their family and friends who sacrifice time and peace of mind so a loved one can protect our country. 

We're also thankful for those in our government who are standing up to the Biden administration and demanding accountability for the missteps Biden and his goons have made while making sure they continue to do everything in their power to slow the radical left's agenda.

Most of all, we're thankful we live in a country like ours. Where even the most incompetent leader cannot keep us down forever and, no matter how many unconstitutional actions they try to take, patriotic Americans still have the power to take their government back. We've already seen them in action in the 2021 off-year elections and they're more motivated than ever to reject big government and radical leftist policies in the 2022 midterms and beyond. 

There's a lot to be thankful for, even if it doesn't always seem like it, and there's even more to look forward to in the year to come. And that's good enough reason for us at Townhall to raise a toast to being thankful.

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