'Like a Fat Guy on a Seesaw': Senator Kennedy Explains Biden's Plummeting Approval

Posted: Oct 13, 2021 11:30 AM
'Like a Fat Guy on a Seesaw': Senator Kennedy Explains Biden's Plummeting Approval

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

Appearing on Fox News Primetime on Tuesday evening, U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) had some frank analysis to offer — as only Senator Kennedy can — about the reason President Biden is seeing his job approval numbers plummet. 

"President Biden and his merry band of woke-aristas have broken a lot of plates in their first ten months," Kennedy said. "That's why his poll numbers are going down like a fat guy on a seesaw."

"Everything from Afghanistan, to inflation, to the border crisis, to his handling of COVID," said Kennedy, listing off some of Biden's crises and failures in leadership. 

"One of my constituents this week was asked to comment on the president's COVID policy, and his response was, 'I'm not about to take healthcare advice from some guy who would leave my ass in Afghanistan,'" Kennedy recalled. "That's a pretty practical view of the world."

More than just pointing out the fact that Biden was hemorrhaging support, Kennedy put his finger on one part of the White House's failure to lead in a way the American people approve of. "I think it's worth asking why though, why this is happening to the president and to the American people," he said. 

"One possibility of course is that President Biden's people are just squid-brained. Another possibility, which I think is realistic, is that they don't understand the American people."

"I'll give you an example," Kennedy continued. "The president has decided to sic the FBI on parents," he said, referencing the memo the Attorney General issued in response to the National School Boards Association's letter demanding Biden take action against parents seeking oversight of their kids' education. 

"Now most Americans understand that one of the reasons that we have crime problems in America is because of the lack of parental involvement in kids' lives," Kennedy explained. "We have thousands of kids who are more likely to grow up and go to prison than get married or own a home. So we want to encourage parental involvement," he said. "Parents have been taking an interest in their kids' education, going to school board meetings. What is President Biden's response? Well, let's sic the FBI on them."