Some Dems Seek Distance from Squad Members who Called Israel an 'Apartheid State'

Posted: May 20, 2021 11:45 AM
Some Dems Seek Distance from Squad Members who Called Israel an 'Apartheid State'

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As Israeli citizens endure days of rocket attacks from Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists, radical members of Congress known as the Squad continue to attack America's greatest ally in the Middle East.

Townhall reached out to Democrat members on the House Foreign Affairs Committee—on which Rep. Omar sits—asking whether they agree with the sentiment that Israel is an apartheid state. Townhall received responses from just two Democrats on the committee, both distancing themselves from the comments made by their colleagues.

A spokesperson for Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) told Townhall that "Congresswoman Titus would not associate herself with those remarks."

Rep. Kathy Manning's office said the North Carolina Democrat "does not agree with" the Squad's claims that Israel is an apartheid state, and highlighted Manning's Wednesday statement thanking President Biden for standing with Israel, noting "every nation has the responsibility to protect its citizens from military attack." Manning's statement also added "we must continue to ensure that our ally Israel has the ability to defend itself from terrorists and those bent on the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state."

The Squad's attempts to label Israel an apartheid state were apparently only part of their intolerant plan set on abandoning Israel as it defends its citizens against Hamas attacks. On Wednesday, the Squad went beyond smears on Twitter as Ocasio-Cortez led the charge on an attempt to block the sale of American arms to Israel. 

Again based on false claims, AOC and her fellow Squad members failed to note that the IDF is targeting terrorists while Hamas hides behind homes, schools, and office buildings to lob rockets indiscriminately into Israel.

What the Squad is describing are the actions of Hamas terrorists, not Israel—and Hamas should be the entity held accountable for war crimes against Israeli citizens as well as residents of the Gaza Strip.

Katie debunked the "Hamas propaganda" being advanced by the Squad and their allies in the media yesterday: