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Photo via Gage Skidmore

Fox News host Tucker Carlson offered viewers some advice about dealing with Covid-obsessed hypochondriacs during Thursday night's "Tucker Carlson Tonight."


In a nutshell: Stop dealing with them altogether. See below:

So, here's a piece of advice. If you find yourself living in a place where people are still talking about Covid nonstop two years in, it is time to move. Not just because your neighbors have been brainwashed - though obviously, they have been - but because your neighbors are boring. 

At this point, it is simply not an interesting topic for your private life. Yes, Covid has killed a lot of people. So has prostate cancer. Imagine telling people about your prostate every day for the next two years. People would know that you were a narcissist. No one would sit next to you at dinner. You would be boorish. And that's exactly what Covid talk sounds to the well-adjusted among us. 

When we talk about Covid incessantly, we miss everything else, and that's the real point. This is a big and complicated and completely fascinating world. Babies are born. The elderly die. And in between, all kinds of amazing things happen. We succeed, we fail, we scheme, we inspire, we fall in love, we create things that hadn't existed before, we have deep and invaluable insights into life itself. Human beings do a remarkable variety of legitimately interesting things. Talking about corona is not one of them, so let's stop.


Folks, it's been almost two years. TWO YEARS. And yet, Democratic-controlled cities and states are still leaning in on the tyranny, trying to bolster already high vaccination rates with mandates & vaccine passports and now going back to mask mandates that never worked before. They're desperately hoping to stave off the latest scariant, despite the fact that OMICRON appears to be highly transmissible yet far milder than previous iterations. Weren't the vaccinated at some point promised a normal life? If they are doing this with OMICRON, is there any indication that the nonsense will ever end? 

So yeah, if you have a Branch Covidian in your life (the kind of person who would get incensed at an article like this), Tucker's advice makes a ton of sense. Get away. Get far, far away. Enjoy your life while they cower in their basement with four masks on.

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