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Biden Called Out for Falsely Claiming Delta Variant Is 'Deadlier' Than Previous Strains

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden falsely claimed that the delta COVID-19 variant gaining steam worldwide was "deadlier" than previous strains in a Thursday tweet accompanied by a video of White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraging viewers to get vaccinated.


"Here’s the deal: The Delta variant is more contagious, it’s deadlier, and it’s spreading quickly around the world – leaving young, unvaccinated people more vulnerable than ever," Biden said. "Please, get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Let’s head off this strain before it’s too late."

The scarients are, of course, Team Apocalypse's go-to play now that America is getting back to normal. Even as one recedes, the next one is always out there, lurking, waiting to pounce, overwhelm hospitals, and stack up dead bodies in the streets if people refuse to obey the orders of hallowed public health officials. 

Fauci recently called delta the "greatest threat" in the U.S., and the ongoing narrative is that kids and unvaccinated, mostly young people are prone to a potentially deadly date with delta. But even if it's more transmissible, is it really "deadlier"? Younger people haven't, after all, been at any statistical risk with any of the previous versions of COVID-19.


Thankfully, a plethora of U.K. data, where delta has already run rampant, shows that this strain, in fact, seems to be significantly LESS lethal than its predecessors. 

The Blaze's Daniel Horowitz explains:

As you can see, the Delta variant has a 0.1% case fatality rate (CFR) out of 31,132 Delta sequence infections confirmed by investigators. That is the same rate as the flu and is much lower than the CFR for the ancestral strain or any of the other variants. And as we know, the CFR is always higher than the infection fatality rate (IFR), because many of the mildest and asymptomatic infections go undocumented, while the confirmed cases tend to have a bias toward those who are more evidently symptomatic.

In other words, Delta is literally the flu with a CFR identical to it. This is exactly what every respiratory pandemic has done through history: morphed into more transmissible and less virulent form that forces the other mutations out since you get that one. Nothing about masks, lockdowns, or experimental shots did this. To the extent this really is more transmissible, it's going to be less deadly, as is the case with the common cold. To the extent that there are areas below the herd immunity threshold (for example, in Scotland and the northwestern parts of the U.K.) they will likely get the Delta variant (until something else supplants it), but fatalities will continue to go down.


Should we be worried about this one, folks?

Meh, probably not. So yeah, it's just more panic porn.

I'll leave you with several Twitter users who called Biden out on his false claim. Don't wait for a misinformation tag from Twitter though, because hell will freeze over first.


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