Ron DeSantis Mocks 'Crazy' Vaccinated New Yorkers 'Still Wearing Six Masks'

Posted: May 26, 2021 8:40 PM
Ron DeSantis Mocks 'Crazy' Vaccinated New Yorkers 'Still Wearing Six Masks'

Source: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis mocked vaccinated New Yorkers who nevertheless insist on wearing masks as the real "crazy ones" during a Wednesday press conference. 

Via The Washington Times:

The Republican’s hyperbolic jab came Wednesday as he appeared in Baker County to celebrate its embrace of face-to-face schooling while much of the nation opted for remote learning.

“I think they sent, like, one of the corporate media outlets sent some reporter down,” Mr. DeSantis said of the start of the school year. “They were trying to make fun of Baker. ‘Oh, these yokels are having kids going to school. How crazy are these people, right?’ The crazy ones are the people who are vaccinated still wearing six masks in New York City to be honest with you.”

You can watch the entire press conference via Facebook here.

The Florida governor went on to praise Baker County for conducting 180 days of in-person schooling during the pandemic.

"They've done it," he said. "They did a normal, basically, a normal school year and it was successful. You got places throughout this country where they still have the door shut on families, and these are mostly lower-middle-income families."

Finally, to top it all off, DeSantis took to Twitter to highlight a study comparing results from school mask mandates in Florida, New York and Massachusetts.

"The data speaks for itself," he wrote.