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VIDEO: 'Obama in One Word'

How would you describe President Barack Obama in only one word? Detached? Cool? Failure? The descriptors invariably alter greatly depending on who is doing the talking. 


According to a recent Pew Research Center poll the prevailing word to describe Obama was "good," followed closely by "incompetent."   

As I highlighted in a previous post:

Despite everything that has happened in the last six years, Americans still believe Obama has "good" intentions or is an overall "good man." At the same time, for as much as he is "trying/tried/tries," he is also entirely "incompetent." So, perhaps while Obama is (with the best of intentions) trying to get everyone,, he is incompetent to successfully carry out the act.

The survey results were not wholly unexpected. The top responses in previous surveys were "intelligent" in 2009, and "good" in 2013. However, two new words did enter the picture this year that had never turned up in the previous nine surveys. These were "dictator" and "impressive."

The Media Research Center's Dan Joseph did his own spin of the Pew poll while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference. Watch the video below, and note Townhall Media's own Katie Pavlich and Mary Katharine Ham in the mix: 

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