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Watch: Hillary Clinton Takes Career Aptitude Test...From Jon Stewart

Nobody cares about Hillary Clinton’s book "Hard Choices", comedian Jon Stewart stated on “The Daily Show” Tuesday.

“I think I speak for everybody when I say, no one cares. They just want to know if you are running for president.”


The claim certainly seems true enough based on the memoirs’ dramatic sales drop, which hardly bodes well for a potential presidential nominee. The overall downward trajectory of her favorability ratings won’t offer her much cushion either. Still, many citizens are keeping their fingers crossed on bated breath for that special announcement.

“You know what I sense,” Stewart told the former Secretary of State, “a little confusion. You know it takes me back to my days post-college. You know there are ways that we can decide…”

At this point, he pushes the massive book "Hard Choices" a little further away, and pulls out...a career aptitude test.

Just watch (spoiler: she'd prefer a home office with very few corners):

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