Poll: Obamacare Unfavorability Swells to Nearly 60 Percent

Posted: Apr 07, 2014 12:45 PM

Almost 60 percent of American voters view Obamacare unfavorably, a Rasmussen report revealed Monday:

Despite the Obama administration’s claim that it has exceeded its March 31 goal of signing up seven million Americans through new health insurance exchanges, overall unfavorables for the health care law are up from 54% two weeks ago. Most voters have had an unfavorable opinion of the law in regular surveys since the beginning of last year. But the latest finding matches the all-time high first reached in mid-November.

"This law has made our healthcare system a lot better," President Obama claimed last week.

However, exactly how the law will improve the system is not clear to most Americans. Fifty-three percent believe coverage quality will decline because of Obamacare. This is the highest percentage recorded in the last three years.

In addition, 59 percent think Obamacare will increase the cost of their insurance.

President Obama quashed any idea of repealing the law Tuesday:

I’ve got to admit, I don’t get it. Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance? Why are they so mad about the idea of folks having health insurance? Many of the tall tales that have been told about this law have been debunked...I’ve said before, I will always work with anyone who is willing to make this law work even better. But the debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

No one is against people having health insurance. This carefully crafted rhetoric makes non-supporters of Obamacare sound heartless. In truth, it is far more heartless to force Americans to give up their freedom of choice and to pay for a government controlled service.