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DNC Files FEC Complaint Against RFK Jr. As Super PAC Tries Get Him on State Ballots

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Democratic National Convention filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign and the super PAC working to get him elected. 


On Friday, the DNC accused RFK Jr. of receiving an illegal contribution from the Kennedy-aligned super PAC American Values 2024.  

RFK Jr.'s campaign is "in the process of accepting a $15 million unlawful in-kind contribution by coordinating their efforts to get him on the ballot," DNC legal counsel Bob Lenhard said in a call regarding the FEC complaint. 

"[RFK Jr.'s campaign] has acknowledged that it is time-consuming and expensive for a first-time candidate to get on the presidential ballot in all 50 states. Rather than doing that hard work itself, using money raised in compliance with the candidate contribution limits, the campaign is taking a shortcut outsourcing what is otherwise a core campaign function to a super PAC," he continued. 

In response, American Values 2024 co-chair Tony Lyons criticized the DNC, accusing the Left of attempting to take away American's constitutional right to vote in a presidential election. 

"The DNC wants to deny millions of people their basic constitutional voting rights in a relentless onslaught against democracy," Lyons said in a statement. "his FEC complaint is just another desperate DNC tactic to defame Kennedy, vilify him, and drain his campaign funds. The American people are too smart to be fooled by these political games."

Last year, the super PAC announced plans to spend at least $15 million to help get Kennedy on the ballot in several states crucial to winning the 2024 election.


Campaign finance reports show Kennedy has garnered majority support from Republican-leaning states. (Via the Epoch Times

Mr. Kennedy announced in April 2023 that he would challenge President Biden for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. He has generated wide-ranging support from conservatives, moderates, independents, and Libertarians throughout his campaign, although he hasn't gained the same favor from many Democrats. Campaign finance reports have shown that Mr. Kennedy gets more support from Republican-leaning donors than Democrats. For months, Mr. Kennedy was confronted with roadblocks from the Democratic National Committee, which he said was "rigging" the primary process to favor President Joe Biden. On Oct. 9, he declared his candidacy for president as an independent.

In a statement regarding the matter, RFK Jr. said that the DNC "is in no position to assert morality over anyone — they refused to have a primary and have worked against the will of the people in the past few elections."

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